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Most common Expressions , Phrases , Vocabularies ,..In ''Indonesian Bahasa''?

I wanna know the most common Expressions in Indonesian Language
Like '' Greetings e.g. How are u? .. I am Fine ,, Thanks ,..
Help with Words and phrases , as much it possible to u
Thanks alot for ur help
Assalamu' alikum ,All the best for u*.*
Hesham Sallam.

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    i suggest you to download the software for learning bahasa indonesia.

    the software contains vocabularies of:
    (animals, beverages, colors, days of the week, months, numbers, fruits, seasons)

    and also some expressions:
    - at the hotel
    - at the restaurant
    - meeting and greeting
    - polite conversations

    and also contains verbs sample..
    how are you - apa khabar
    i'm fine - saya baik
    thanks - terima kasih
    how r u - apa kabar
    i'm fine - saya baik baik saja or u can use "saya oke" (it means i'm okay)
    thanks - terima kasih or people usually say "trims"


    Good Morning –-> Selamat pagi (se-la-mat pa-gi)
    Good Afternoon –-> Selamat Siang (se-la-mat si-ang)
    Good Evening –-> Selamat Sore (se-la-mat so-re)
    Good Night –-> Selamat Malam (se-la-mat ma-lam)
    Goodbye --> Sampai jumpa (sam-pai jum-pa) or daa or bye
    see you later --> sampai nanti (sam-pai nan-ti)

    sorry --> maaf (ma-af) or just say sori (sounds like sorry) we understand
    nice to meet you --> salam kenal (sa-lam ke-nal)
    be careful --> hati - hati (ha-ti - ha-ti)
    my name is --> nama saya (na-ma sa-ya)
    what's your name? --> nama kamu siapa? (na-ma ka-mu si-a-pa?)

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