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What website or program can i get or find that will let me type in Korean/Japanese/Chinese?

Well..i've been trying to install the Asian languages on my Windows XP, but it still doesn't work, none of my friends have the windows Xp cd to download the languages, and i cant find it in any of the stores by my i was wondering if there was an online website where it can let me type in Korean or other languages requiring it, so i could copy and paste it on other programs. I'm not really looking for a translator, but just somewhere where instead of typing Chulseyo, i cant type it in Hangul myself. Thanks ^^

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    I guess you don't need to download or install the languages.(If your vomputer version is XP) As much as I know Window XP basically includes popular languages.
    How about to follow this method?
    Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages > Text Service and Input Language > Details > Installed Service > Add > Korean/Chinese/Japanese

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