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Lessons OR Knowledge, Which Name is Better for italki Wiki?


Dear members,

A quick question for you, which name do you think would be better for the current italki wiki book, Knowledge or Lessons?

Thank you for the attention.

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italki Team

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    I would go for lessons because I think it would draw the attention of new members to that section better than knowledge.

    As an English teacher I'd choose the word lessons as it isn't so broad a term as Knowledge.I'm always directing English learners to that section. I'd also change the word Resources to a simpler term like Extra help or language help.

    I didn't get the meaning of 'knowledge' when I saw it for the first time. Could have been anything. 'Lessons' is better.

    And the distinction between 'Knowledge', 'Files' and 'Resources' is not as clear as it should be. But which words would?


    Lessons too.. In French, the translation of knowledge (connaissance) seems very weird too ^^'

    Why not "Wikitalki"?

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