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what is "xo xo"?

A few people would add "xo xo " in their passage, please tell me what does it mean? thank you very much

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    X means kiss. One vertical half of x represents one person's lips pointed towards the other. The other half represents that of the other. The O is a representation of a hug or embrace. Two people locked-in a tight seem configured in a letter O, especially the arms. Hope this helps.
    from what I understand, it means hugs and kisses...
    I hope that answer helps you.

    It's a symbol for 'hugs and kisses'. Like ;) or :(

    "x" means kiss
    "o" means hug <-- more information
    i saw them in the begining of the american drama, gossip girl, too. by the time, i was confused abt its meaning. however, i got it now~haha

    Yes, Harregarre and the rest of these people are right. From what I know, it does mean "hugs and kisses". It used to confuse me, too.

    Xo Xo emans to both kiss

    I think most people above have correctly explained the likely meaning. I won't duplicate. However, I will venture a guess at one (unlikely) alternative meaning. XO is a grade of Cognac (白蘭地酒). So either someone wants drink a lot of good brandy, or someone has already drunk a lot of good brandy and is simply repeating themselves.

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