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Do you listen to any songs of a different language.

Do you listen to any songs of a different language. Which languages and which do you like the most. What do you think got you to listen. I listen to english (native), japanese, korean, chinese.

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    yes, my native language is bahasa Indonesia. i listen indonesia and english songs. sometimes i listen to other language version of the song. i know some songs that have english, korean, and arabic versions. the songs are usually gospel songs.

    Oh yes I love listening to Turkish, Lebanese & Greek belly dancing music. I also like Italian singers like Andreas Boccelli as well as Irish singers such as Loreena McKennit & Enya. Having just seen the new film Mama Mia I will have to find all my ABBA CDS.

    yes! Although I am English I listen to a lot of Japanese and French music. I don't care that I can't understand it because when I am studying and listening to music I can concentrate better when it is in a different language! hahaha

    I prefer to listen songs in English or in German ‘cause I learn these languages. I also listen to them in French ‘cause I find this language the most beautiful in the world, in Swedish ‘cause I like a lot of Swedish singers and in some Slavonic languages which are understandable to the Russians.

    ya.!my native language is chinese,but i think music has no also can make us happy or give us a mood.and i often listen chinese(native),english and french,japanese and korean.such as Faye Wong's,Groove coverage's,Les Choristes',kokia's and so on.there's a lot.on the other hand,it can improve my english when i listen english song..

    yup! my native is chinese and english. i listen to both and also japanese, korean and cantonese =] japanese because somehow i jus really like it since young. korean because of shinhwa, they're the only korean band/music im interested in =p cantonese because the language itself sounds great.

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