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Studying in China

I am currently living in Australia and have one year left of High School. However I can choose to spend my last year studying in China or go after I finish my last year. Which do you think is better?

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    Come after you finish your last year of high school. Cause you would not able to adjust well into Chinese senior high. Students there are very busy and dont have much time to have fun besides burying into books and papers.:)
    Stay with Me!

    Don't choose,just do what you want, if you do which you don't like, you'll regret.

    Do want u want do!

    Gonna hav to agree with this cute Jayk fella here mate
    i think you'd better stay in Australia for your last year. as you are so young, it's quite a lot of time to learn Chinese later.
    China is a very beautiful country. and the people in here is very friendly. i think if you come to china to study. you will find how beautiful china is .

    I think maybe you can stay in Australia for your last year, and then come to China. And in this last year,learn chinese . it would be convenient for your life in China. Am i right?
    anyway,it's up to you~ :)
    I agree with Tina Shi what she said. also,welcome you come to china!

    indeed,we senior students don't have much time to play and i'm afraid you cant adjust yourself to the life.i agree with Ishtar.
    ha^^Come after you finish your last year of high school.then i'll send you a piece of my calligraphy and some other gifts to you.^-^

    I think it's probably easier to keep your education in one big chunk, and once you're finished with school you can go to China. It's less disruptive that way.

    sometimes solution aren't so simple
    it's up to you to decide your life and it's a good experience

    maybe you should go to China after you finish your last year.
    you can finish your whole process of the high school learning. then spend 1year for your trip to China.
    anyway it`s just a suggestion. hope it be useful

    have you learned mandarin?if yes,i think it's a precious exprerience abroad,but it's my opinion,it's up to yourself.

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