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Which is the easiest scandinavian language?

Hello. I want to learn a Scandinavian language (Danish, Swedish or Norwegian) but want to know which is easiest for an English speaker?

For learning: Norwegian
Base language: English
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    Hi Laurence!
    I've tried to learn Scandinavian languages, I think that if you practice with native speakers you can learn, but for me is really difficult because sounds is strange for me, but I've tried! I like to learn Finnish and Swedish!
    I recommend you to visit this sites:

    good luck, I hope this help you!

    Grammar wise, I think they are about the same, depending somewhat on your previous knowledge.

    If you know some icelandic, I'd recommend new-norwegian. It's also closer to old-english, though not by a huge degree - e.g. litle (conservative) = little, somme = some.

    If you know some german there are a lot of german loanwords in Norwegian Bokmål and danish - though I'd recommend against danish because of it's particular pronounciation.

    Swedish is the most widely spoken, somewhat poorly understood by danes, though used formally in Finland. I'd recommend it in general, unless you have previous knowledge/interest in old languanges/icelandic - then I'd recommend new-norwegian. If you're interested in denmark or know some german, I'd recommend Norwegian bokmål...

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