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how to translate?

1)It is possible that it is becouse of the change in the climate.
2)take care with what u eat and drink?
3) you dont care over these matters!
4) a burning house, in a burning house, in a burnt house
5) dying people, dead man.
6)my relations still practise agriculture.
7) my family has been resident there since the 18th century.
8) plural of muslims?

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    Best Answer - Chosen by Voting mumkin hai kiyo k ye aabo hawa(mosam) k tabdeel hony ke waja sy hai.
    2 khiyal rakhna kahny peny k bary ma
    3 aap in mamolat ki hifazat nai krty
    4 tum ghar jala rhay ho,,jalty howy ghar ma,,jalay hoey ghar ma.
    5 marty howy log,,mara howa person
    6 mery rishty dar abi b zarait krty hain
    7 mera khndan yahan 18ewn sadi sy reh raha hai
    8 muslmano ki jama(+)

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