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Could somebody please tell me the conjugations of the regular verbs in Romanian?

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    hii there!

    there are 4 conjugations.
    the first it is for the verbs which ends with the letter ''a" at the infinive mode(the form you find in a dictionary).
    for exemple (a) incerca=(to) try
    at the present tense look like this:
    I=eu incerc ...incerc (take it like a root)without that a which show the conjugation
    you=tu incerci +i
    he,she=el,ea incearca +a
    we=noi incercam +am
    you=voi incercati +ati
    they(m,f)=ei,ele incearca +a

    another exemple: (a) canta=(to) sing
    present tense:
    eu cant
    tu canti
    el,ea canta
    noi cantam
    voi cantati
    ei,ele canta

    i will continue with the next conjugations but let me know if you understood till now.
    the second conjugation it is for the verbs which end with EA.(that it is called a diphthong-there are two vowels together,one strong than the other-)

    now the exemple: (a) bea=(to) drink
    at present tense looks like this:
    eu beau
    tu bei
    el,ea bea
    noi bem
    voi beti here you read[betzi]
    ei,ele beau

    another exemple (a) vrea = (to) want
    present tense:

    eu vreau
    tu vrei
    el,ea vrea
    noi vrem
    voi vreti again [vretzi]
    ei,ele vor !!!!!!!!!!

    to be continue ;P

    nowwwww the last two ;)

    the III conjugations it belongs to the verbs which ends with E letter.
    for exemple (a) merge=(to) go

    eu merg
    tu mergi
    el,ea merge
    noi mergem
    voi mergeti [mergetzi]
    ei,ele merg

    (a) trage= (to) pull
    eu trag
    tu tragi
    el,ea trage
    noi tragem
    voi trageti [tragetzi]
    ei,ele trag

    and the last one, IV conjugation it is for the verbs which end with i
    this is ''a little'' complicated because there are two ways to conjugate it
    (a) fugi= (to) run (a) citi= (to) read
    eu fug eu citesc
    tu fugi tu citesti [citeshti]
    el,ea fuge el,ea citeste [citeshte]
    noi fugim noi citim
    voi fugiti [fugitzi] voi cititi [cititzi]
    ei,ele fug ei,ele citesc

    i hope i help you.
    any question any time.
    good luck!!!!!!!!


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