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can you please translate the following gaelic things into english for me?

1)dia guit conas ata tu
3)do anseo
5)do deas
6)do te
7)agus ta me an deas
8)bhi she ag titim isteach sa teach

i am sorry if any of these are incorrect, if they are then may you please correct them for me? thank you

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    1-dia duit = hello , conas atá tú= how are you
    2-cibé= whatever or whichever
    4 - tá is a pronm tà ....mé = Iam but it can use for I have a white cat =Tá ban cat agam etc ....
    5-deas = nice or kind
    7-agus ta mé an deas = and Iam very nice
    8- bhi sé ag titim isteach sa teach = he was fall inside his house

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