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What do you think i should learn as a third or fourth language?

well,dear friends .i have a tough problem. i really need your help.i want to study a third language in university ...i think i would like to choose from french,spanish ,german and really bothers me a lot... french is widely used in Africa and france is a romantic country...spanish is widely used in south america and spain is really a wonderful country..but germany is wonderful too, and i am crazy about german history in fact...a friend of mine has recommended italian because he said italy has the most culture in europe.... i really dont know how to choose me...maybe i will pick two from the four..

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    Just pick the one you like most or the one you're most likely going to use in the future. I checked your profile and you say one of your favorite books is by Nietzsche, therefore it would make sense for you to learn German, so you can read Nietzsche in the language it was written in.


    Love the stereotypes....France is a romantic country, Italy has the most culture......great! lol
    But hey, if you're learning for fun, go with German as it seems to be what you are most interested in. If you are learning for your future, you need to know what field you want to go in to, find out which countries play bigger roles in it and learn the language(s) used there!

    Look at your strengths & build on what you know already.

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