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How do you reply to "How are you?" ?

When someone says "How are you?" to me, I always reply with the same phrase, "I'm fine, thank you." I don't know the expression except "I'm fine." How do you say for "I'm fine." and "I'm not fine." ?

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    not too bad
    feeling good

    Same old
    Same as usual
    Can't complain

    Not so good
    I've been better
    I've seen better days

    ALL of the +ive replies can be followed by "thanks", "how about you?", "yourself" ...etc.
    for e.g. Feeling good, thanks, how about you?

    neutral: don't say "thanks" after but you can ask the same back.
    e.g. Can't complain, how you doing?

    -ive: Again, don't say "thanks"
    e.g. I've seen better days, and you?

    Of course there are many more answers you can give...PLEASE don't feel you HAVE to say "fine, not fine" all the time! End up sounding like a robot! Just say what you feel.

    great, how about you?

    What you have just mentioned is the most common reply. That's fine if you use it everytime, because it is simply just a reply to a greeting. If you don't feel good and want someone to listen to your story, you can be frank for what goes wrong. However, the one who ask "How are you?" may not be a intentional listener for your story.
    You could also say....."I'm very well, thank you." or alternatively that... "you are not very well."

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