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What is the most difficult when you learn a new language ?


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    I'm trying to learn english
    but the thing I find most difficult is when the conversation
    and unfortunately im also very oblivion to the meanings of certain words
    I hope that the most successful and go beyond this stage
    ensha allah
    i think speaking

    The most difficult thing when you try to learn any other language (different from the one you're accostumed to) is to understand that it IS different from your native language, and that you should "borrow" nothing from the language you already know. Ideally, you should stop thinking in your own language in order to really learn the new one.

    I think, that you must take the new language, when you have something of the 4 topics, as if it was yours. You have to apropiate it as your own. That´s a difficult part, but when you do, belive me, every thing will be easier.
    Even there is people who says that when you dream in the new language, is because you´re doing things fine to lern it.
    You must think in the new language, never translate what you are reading or listening to your own language pls, it against your learning.

    i speak spanish, and i want to KNOW arabic. The bigest problem is the writing, because you do it in different direction and with different alphabet. I think pronunciation and bocabulary can be fine till i have to use the new alphabet

    I can read and write the languages I have learnt and if I focussed hard enough, yes, listening is not hard BUT actuallu speaking the language - that's difficult sometimes

    speaking ! -----> cuz i don't have enough practice , i admit that .... im too lazy !! :D
    i can read easily.. as well express myself in writing . While i face some obstacles in listening " especially with American accent .. they SWALLOW the words !! :) " but they r friendly ppl =>

    I think it is listening, after learning the language,but it is very difficult conversations with
    foreigners ,and The acquired knowledge into their own is difficult


    I think when you start to learn a new language, all is dificult for you, because you are not used for new words, letters, sounds...exactly for me all aspects of language which i'm learning are really hard
    If it is about English language the hardest part for me was and still is writing (spelling)!!!
    listening and speaking

    Having the confidence to speak and not worry about making mistakes, but I've found that people are very helpful.

    It depends.
    For English I think the speaking part is most difficult above all.
    For Chinese the most difficult is writing--same with Arabic. :D

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