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What's the most annoying situation you ever lived ?

Every one here lived good and bad situations , one of the bad moments is to feel annoyed by something , what's the most annoying moment(s) you've lived .

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    Whenever I am forced patience for something or someone regardless of my mind or decision .

    I'm annoyed by people who jump to conclusions or try to shove their religious or political views down my throat.
    i agree with majesty. to have to display patience in annoying situation is the most annoying, because it seems they just disregard what you are trying to maintain.

    waiting = annoying

    my most annoying situation ever was when my sister kept poking me no matter what i did!!! ahhahah

    ruling yeah its soooo embaressd when u feel waekness
    u feel it u hate ur life u loose all intrestin and cheerful
    ruling lose u tenderness thats allllllllllllllllll
    1. Egoistic men who tries very hard to show that he is always right.
    2. horrible people who are abusive and harass others because he/she enjoys it

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