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U.S.has used Nuclear Bomb in Heroshima 6/8/1945

Only U.S.has used Nuclear Bomb in Heroshima & Nagasaki 6&9/8/1945, during Second World War and killed and injured millions of innocent civilians and no other country has used the Nuclear Weapon.
did it do right ?
Should USA apologize to Japan ?why USA did not do it ?
if Japan has used Nuclear Bomb in USA and killed innocent civilians ..what is your opinion ?

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    The victims during wars( no matter where) are far beyond counting.
    The point is not how many, how , and why because it happened in WARS, and the Nuclear Bombs in Heroshima & Nagasaki are for putting an end to the wars. Its had to say it is right or wrong because it was during war and we did not know if there was another way to end the war at that time.

    The history tells us NEVER TO USE BOMB AGAIN, no matter it is used for what to whom. Thats the point.

    not only one and an nother in nagazaki and also they provide this arm for other countries like Gbr and their fifty star in the midel east

    ummm i really dont know what to think.... i have a very close japanese friend and all i know is that i would be very sorry if something like that were to happen to her. i like japan..... i really cant answer your question. sorry

    I don't know where you are getting your statistics from, but the two atomic bombs that were detonated in Japan did NOT kill millions of people; approximately 140,000 were killed in Hiroshima and approximately 80,000 were killed in Nagasaki. That's a total of about 220,000 people (not even 1 million).
    Do you know how many Chinese were killed by the Japanese during WWII?? Was it more than 220,000 people?? Well, estimates are as high as 20,000,000 Chinese killed by the Japanese (yes, 20 million)!!!!!!!!
    Japan was on a Nationalistic Fascist rampage with NO signs of letting up... the Japanese killed more people during WWII than the Germans did!!!
    Is it a horrible thing that many people died by the atomic bombs that were dropped? ...YES!!! It is a very horrible thing that many people died in Japan because of the atomic bombs, but should America have sat back and done nothing as Japan killed millions and millions of Chinese and threatened the U.S.??? Nope... I don't agree.
    If anyone should be apologizing around here it should be the Japanese apologizing to the Chinese... TO THIS DAY THEY HAVE NOT

    At first - officially died only 140.000 for Hiroshima and 74.000 at Nagasaki. (including peoples died from consequences)
    At second - during only Nanjing Massacre japanese killed more than 300.000 peoples. Ethnical cleansings in Singapoure (more than 100.000). And Manila (~100.000). Also we could remember atrocities like Unit 731.
    At third - how many times japanese apologized for these?


    I think we've forgotten to add Stalin & Hitler to the above list of killers.This question is best suited to the Italki Discussion group on politics & religion.

    i was really shocked by your question:there is someone has this attitude towards the JAPANese of WWII,today.
    i wonder what report you have read to influence you to form this idea.
    if you want to ask for apology,you‘d better trace back how many war the Japanese start frighting,how they did like cruel devil,to distory countries,kill+Massacre innocent,
    no,worse,during the WWII.

    I think that the current time and the time during the World War II shouldn’t be compared.
    Anyway Japan participated in the plot of the Triple Alliance in which over 27 million people were killed only in my country. That’s why I am not going to blame the USA for the horrible but warrantable for that time act.
    Who knows what would happen if it had no place. They write nowadays that this nuclear weapon helped Japan to stay independent and it was the thread for the USSR that was eager to revenge and occupied Hokkaido. The USA just wanted to stop the spread of a communistic ideology in the new territory.

    TO my indignation,the Japanese have not apologize,yet;
    and try to cover up the truth history.
    many people follow with this fault, how Ridiculous!
    DO not here the answer,find the true by yourself!

    I think, that all is thin game of politics. Must many think about it.

    even japan had made mistake ,we don't know what really happend cause it's politic, people are, us has no excuse for what it did and it have to apologize for people not for gouvernement.besides, japan haven't attacted citizens , it had attacted soldier during war , that's the price of war,in contrast us had attacted innocent against us gouvernement but not against people of us even some of theme still believe in "the american dream".

    Some countries express their power through weapons,so it happened to USA.I am far from supporting that act and I am sorry because of the hate that exists between some Japanese and Americans.They should have apologize but since they didn't,all we can do is to try to forgive human stupidity.
    I think that Japanese wouldn't have used nuclear bomb if they had one.
    Just to add,USA had been bombarding my country,Serbia,and yet,no one apologized and so many people died.It is again,never ending,human stupidity...

    Yeah, U.S. is the only one that has used nuclear weapons. It's really sad there are still Japanese people and Korean people suffering. At the time, most American military officers' including Eisenhower insisted it's not necessary to drop atomic bombs because Japan was going to knock under to U.S., but despite this, U.S. did do it. Furthermore, before China's intervention October in 1945, U.S. was considering the use of nuclear weapons unlike what is generally known to the outside world. Also they considered it many times even after MacArthur Jr. removed from his position. Well, I don't think U.S. can blames terrorism. It's interesting for me U.S. is putting the American people in danger by itself. I don't think it's just because U.S. has a strong power.

    Moon >I think that Japanese wouldn't have used nuclear bomb if they had one.

    Definetly they would. At beginning of war, they've were too backward even for proper biological/chemical weapons, through during war they've developed it and used it. If they would have nuclear weapon, they would use it too.
    And do you really think you can compare Japan during WW2 and nowdays Serbia?

    Kavka > even japan had made mistake ,we don't know what really happend cause it's politic, people are innocent.
    >japan haven't attacted citizens , it had attacted soldier during war , that's the price of war

    So, all 20 millions chinese were soldiers? Okay, I`ll tell you, 16.2 million were civilians. Or chinese are not innocent by nature? Peoples who are making bullets, to kill others are innocent or not? peoples who conduct experiments on humans, testing biological and chemical weapons at them, killing 3 persons each day in name of science are innocent too?

    >even japan had made mistake ,we don't know what really happend cause it's politic,

    What exactly we dont know?

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