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Do You have any language that you hate the most?

I hate hokkien/taiwanese because I had bullied by the hokkien speaking people before.

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    In Chinese saying: 你是爱屋及乌. in fact, uncertain people hurt you that doesn't stand for all people are bad intention one. please don't draw a clear demarcation between whom or what to hate or love so that you can feel relaxed and relief.

    American English. Most unfortunately have to use it.

    me too i hate american english but i really hate french

    NO , i don't hate any language
    but maybe i don't like to learn some languages
    No, I don't. Every language represents people and their culture, so I don't think we should hate, although we could say we find difficult to talk a particular language.

    When I was a kid, I was forced to learn Latin. Hated it. But then again, I was a kid, so I didn't know any better.

    i dont hate languages
    but i find some language are difficult in learning
    i dont hate any languages, i only hate not progressing la.

    I hate Hindi! it is a variation of Urdu, but totally crap! the words are so hard! and stupid sounding.

    i hate to learn all languages but it also that make me falling in love to learn it ^^

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