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而且請大家解釋一下成語的意思及用處. 謝謝各位.

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    塞翁is name of an old man; 失 is to lose; 焉知非福 means its hard to know if its a blessing.

    There is a story behind. An old man was living his life by raising very nice horses. One day one of his horses got into the territory of the northern tribes. Everyone commiserated with him. But he thought perhaps this would soon turn out to be a blessing.
    Few months later, his animal came back leading a fine horse from the north. Everyone congratulated him. But he thought perhaps this would soon turn out to be a cause of misfortune.
    Soon his son broke his thigh bone falling from that horse. But he was still thinking perhaps itd turn out a blessing again.
    One year later the northern tribes started a big invasion. All young men were drafted and nine out of ten men died. The man's son was not accepted in the army because he was crippled and so both the son and his father survived.

    It tells us when something bad happens, perhaps its blessing for something bad waiting ahead.
    Thats derived from a special part of Chinese philosophy--中庸--not too much, not too little, just in the middle.

    It means god pour the good luck to you !^!^
    So let's cheer for 2008.8.8.8!!^_^

    四面楚歌:It means you are in a bad way.
    众志成城:all of us united together ,and the power can conquer any difficult .
    一见钟情:They fall in love when the meet for the first time .
    一箭双雕:Doing one thing can get two good results.

    it means there is always hope for us even though we are in difficulties
    Try your best again and again, and never give up.

    胸无点墨 沽名钓誉 不学无术 欺世盗名 肥头大耳 呆头呆脑 大腹便便 满脑肥肠
    异想天开 胡言乱语 胡作非为 自命不凡 厚颜无耻 臭名昭著 阴险毒气
    I don't like them.But they are useful.Hehe because you can use them to scolded somebody very politely.
    易如反掌...a piece of cake.(turn your hand is very easy)
    不言而喻...understand without a word.
    天下無雙...the best in the world. ("無雙" means no double.)
    得意忘形...too happy and forgot who you are.
    樂此不疲...things you love to do and never feel tired.

    lots of my friends like saying 马马乎乎(=ma ma hu hu) It is mean so so ,not good not bad are you?/how's ur day?/how have you been?
    i hope it will help you to understand this,,,it is so common for the foreigners to say mamahuhu...because my friends always say it everyday````hehe```
    the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal ( there must be some suitable distance between two close friends)
    have a tacit understanding without a word (resonance )
    we have made all the preparations and it depends on the opportunity.
    迥然不同 :sth is sharply divergent from sth
    博大精深:greatness and profound richness
    自强不息:the vigor resilience
    众志成城:unity is strengh
    与时俱进:go with the time
    开拓进取:innovate exploit
    团结拼搏:hold toghter and struggle
    and you can say those to us chinese ,it's absoultely right

    love me love my dog

    Rome wasn't built in a day. :)

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