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how to say ( THANK YOU ) in your language ?

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    Merci --> french
    Danke--> german
    Arigatou--> japanese

    This is just for the languages i know
    It's up to the others to complete ;-)

    gracias parcero

    teşekkür ederim

    In Lithuanian= aciu [ pron: achoo]

    in romanian language : MULTUMESC( but T you have to pronounce like tz)

    in Russian: Спасибо Spasibo [spa'si:ba]

    evidentally, you already know how to say it in my language.
    but i know that in the korean language it is;
    kahn sahm nee dah.
    谢谢 - (chinese)

    read as xie xie.

    Polish --> Dziękuję
    Danish --> Tak
    Hindi --> Dhanyawaad

    Malay (Malaysia)- Terima Kasih

    شكرا اوشكرا جزيلا اوجزاك ا للة خيرا in arabic
    diakuu - in ukrainian, - madloba - in georgian, shnorakalutun - in armenian.
    شكرا جزيلا

    teşşekkür ederim OR teşekkürler.. u can say tesekkurler as well
    شكرا لك

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