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CaN YoU hElP Me tO lEaRn pOrTuGuES..?

For learning: Portuguese
Base language: English
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    What do you want to know? access this website

    YES- Me ensina inglês?
    eu posso. :] quero melhorar meu inglês, pode me ajudar?
    ¡Hola mi amigo!
    Tu puede hablar tus dudas! You can say to me your doubts! ;)
    Sorry my bad Spanish!
    Good luck!

    for sure, anything you need please let me know ^^
    Yes friend. Only send me messages and we would start a conversation betwen us. Write for me in english or portuguese and I help ypu to improve that language. Mine original language is portuguese, and I'm witing to you from Brazil.

    Podemos conversar aos domingos?
    Para aprender, sobre a pronuncia, de algumas palavras etc...
    Falar no yahoo messenger ou Skype

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