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About some pronunciation problems in Polish.

I need help with these letters:


The other pronuncations on s and sz, c and cz are no problem for me.
I just can't understand from any description how the right pronuncation
on ś and ć are. Proszę, help me! And give me the answers in English,

Dziękuję =)

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    I will try to make it as simple as can.
    1. "ś" - to make this sound make your tongue in the position of saying the sound /j/ like in an English word 'yet'. And then try to not to use your vocal chords, just to push a puff of air between your tongue and hard palate
    2. "ć" - the same as ś but for a moment you must touch center part of your tongue to the alveolar ridge.
    Keep practising, best wishes.

    It might be a problem to explain the right pronunciation
    because many people from non-Slavic countries
    simply do not hear the difference between the sounds 's' an 'ś'.
    I suggest you to use website
    with text-to-speech software to try if you can hear the difference.

    I have checked that you can obtain quite naturally sounding result
    if you enter - for example - this text.
    Kos, kos, kos.
    Kosz, kosz, kosz.
    Koś, koś, koś.

    kos = blackbird
    kosz = basket
    koś = mow, scythe (the imperative).

    You can practice also with other text.
    I wish you luck.

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