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what can be your worst friend and best enemy?

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    It's so relative question , and even everyone can give a lot of answers .
    I can understand it in 2 ways :
    first : Which is the thing that could be my worst friend and best enemy .?
    secondo:which is the two things , that first one can be my best friend and second can be my best enemy ?
    Well, i try to give answers for both of the meanings ( I cannot guess the real meaning :-) )
    First : I'm My own worst enemy and best friend ( it's an extremist answer :-) )
    Secondo:My worst friend is PLEASURE , and best enemy PAIN .

    - My worst friend is the one

    My mind, of course.
    Geneally , it could be weakness of oneself .
    Bur for me , Emptiness .

    i think myself....

    i think... my confident in myself....

    Your temper.

    un conscious mind coulde be like u said and could be the opppsitedepends on my usage

    my heart !!!

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