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how can i say to one guy in arabic I LOVE U SO MUCH?

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    hi in tunisian dialect we say : nhebek barcha = love u so much

    انا احبك جدا ana ba hebbak jeddan
    انا احبك كثيرا ana ba hebbak katheran

    Ana bahebak mout أنا بحبك موت
    Ana bamout fik أنا بموت فيك

    انا احبك كثيرا I LOVE U SO MUCH

    انا احبك مع احساس عالي Ana aheak say that with some great feeling

    I love you so much= ohibouka katiran
    = ohibouka jidan
    أنا احبك كثيرا أنا أحبك جدا
    and of course there r many other expressions u can use for that.Every one has his special one to express his love to his one!

    انا احبك كذلك اكثر

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH = انا احبك جدا = ANA AHOBEK JEDAN
    I want to learn English taste

    Not important to tell one guy that I love you, but more importantly be the exchange of love.
    (ana bahebak kteer)

    انا احبك كثيرا(ana ahbok ktheran)
    answer بحبك قوى
    ههههههه مع احساس عالي

    ح تخلو ها بعد شوية تقول اشعار و اشعار
    bhbk kteeer ( بحبك كتير ) or ana bhbak mout ( بحبك موت )

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