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why is it hard to find a language partner here???

all i want is to learn to speak and write that hard?
do you have to be a super model or what just to be recognize/aware of????

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    I share your frustration Yanna; there's some people here who don't really give helpful answers, maybe they're just using it as a chat site or dating forum, but there's also others who are trying to help each other.
    However, it is quite difficult to help someone when they just say 'I want to learn X, but they don't have a particular idea of what they want to do or how they want to do it.
    I think the main thing is not to use this site as your main resource for learning, but rather a place to practice. Buy some cheap books or download free podcasts of the 'net to get started, then try writing some simple sentences to the japanese people on here in their language. They'll be much more likely to help you if you help yourself first!
    Best of luck (sorry, I'm learning Thai - I don't know any Japanese!).

    Don't worry, it is just a matter of time.
    As I saw your profile, it seems you are quite new here, we can bet that in 10 days you will find a helpful language partner,
    maybe you could set your English level in your profile, because it is easier to find someone for exchange with English than in your own language (this is my experience), I believe here are many Japanese speaking people who are ready to help you (also when you ask and answer few questions you will get more attention :)

    Have fun

    P.S.: are you sure you are not a super model? ;-)

    Hi Yanna ,
    You just have to approach people with who speak japanese or any language you want to learn and who need to learn your native language .Some will probably be willing to help and you need to show the willingness to help and to get help :)

    I completely agree with Phil here... People must remember people here do everything free and out of good will, so questions like 'WILL YOU TEACH ME xxxx FROM SCRATCH??' are really hard to answer. Languages take YEARS to master, and if you don't have good studying habits and materials, it's impossibly hard to become good fast. I recommend everyone that's trying to learn a new language, FIRST, get a dictionary, a good one. If it's online, make sure it's a good one (by comparing it with others or just asking people who understand the language), then, get some pdfs, textbooks, programs, whatever that might help you learn the language. I understand most people here learn out of selfstudying, and i do too myself, so getting these 2 things is a must.

    I've seen many questions here that can be answered in less than a minute by doing a simple google search for 'useful spanish phrases' or 'happy birthday in spanish', and these questions make other more useful questions get lost on pages 2 and 3.
    As Phil say, you gotta help yourself first!

    I agree with Phil.
    As a Japanese, I'm glad to help people who are learning Japanese. On the other hand, I have no idea how I can teach Japanese through this web site. I know both learning and teaching Japanese are not easy. I can correct your mistake if you write Japanese sentences. If you come to Tokyo, I can meet up with you and chat with you in Japanese. :) But it's difficult to "teach" throught the Net. :(


    This answer is aimed at the italki developers:

    This site does not automatically default your blackboard to be public like other sites (facebook, myspace, etc...). That lowers communication between people and ultimately degrades the service offered.

    I also dont like the face that I cant add additional comments on my own questions if I want further information.

    Otherwise locating a language partner can work via reaching out to your communities. I reccomend using for locating exchange partners. :)

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