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What is your strategy for learning/teaching a new language?

In fact i was thinking about a few other questions as well: Do you have a few interesting tips to share so others can benefit from them? How do you learn a new language: do you just come here and talk to other members in that language? Do you listen to the radio/ watch TV /read articles/short stories to improve your receptive skills(listening and reading) as well? Do you write in that language regularly?
Another question is : Do you plan for a conversation beforehand when you talk to a language partner here or elsewhere? Do you read about her/his culture? etc.. I am waiting for your answers and want you to share your ideas and tips with the itlaki community :)

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    hello,tarak. nice questions and i have some different opinions from sunny.
    now,i want to improve my english,so,the first i want to talk or communicate with the partners whose are native or his/her english is good enough at least.because,if my partner's english level is the same as mine,may be we can't find the problem if we make some mistakes!certainly i could help someone who want to learn chinese!
    i think it's useful to talk with other members in english but it's,it's necessary to have a firm partner that can communicate on many kinds of topic but not just say hello.
    sometimes i skim the questions in italki here,and i'll reading seriously about the questions and answers if i'm interesting about that.and i could learn the expressions or improve my vocabulary from the sentences.sometime i reply some questions if i can.
    when i want to talk with my foreign friends,i'll think a topic out.and i'll have interest
    in my friend's nation,culture,religion,etc..
    i'm glad to reply your question,thanks..:)

    i have answered some of this question in Noor's ,
    here i will say
    Yes .
    your asks are very good!
    i am not talk with the native at first,
    i have a good partnter ( my countryman,we study together,everytime we all had trouble to express,then we said ,we would look for it,in fact not always did,but when the next time we mentioned the trouble ,we both remembered again,
    so when could find the answer naturally,
    and won't forget .have a good partner is big wealth)
    I like watch movie.
    I saw mang movies,i like to guess the country and the plot of the movie.
    i think when you want to know why,you have to find their root:Their culture,religion, loving sometimes.

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