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What's the book that u've read it without a break ?

everyone read lot of books before , sometimes just by reading the first pages we feel emerged in the book and fascinated , So we couldn't stop until the end . did you ever do it before ? if yes , which is the book ?

for me, some of the books are :
-" The tatars story from the beginnig to ayn jaloute" , Sallabi
-" The eagle had landed " Jack higgins .
-" L'alchimiste " paolo coelho
-" The definitive book of body language"Allan and Barbara Pease .

.................. Waiting for your answers .

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    Bank book. hahaha, just joking...

    Hi itlktiv It's ur sister Wanna_learn! ==> joking :p
    well i noticed tht u made a mistake .. u said "everyone read lot of books b4" well not everyone; ask me ....
    for me my first book which i read it without a break was "the evengile, the bible, the quran & the science" =maurice bucaille= i think 3 years ago ... it explained many things for me & i read it about 10 times during my studing religions period (am done now)
    then the book " al i3jaz fi quran" of sayouti الاعجاز في القرآن للسيوطي its really amazing too, am advicing u to read it ...
    well ... i think i read a french novel "moby dick" without a break too
    maybe thts all 4 books which i read without a break

    ahhh by the way i read a synergology science book in just 2 hours it was short & attractive !
    thnx for the question my brother .. waiting 4 more !

    "Dead zone" by Stephen King :))

    how to stop worry___________ deil carengay

    Act of Faith, Erich Segal
    Cien Años de Soledad, G. G. Marquéz
    "Portrait of Dorian Gray" O. Wilde
    my favorite books :)

    Frank McCourt-Angela's Ashes
    Dan Brown-Angels and Demons
    Dan Brown-Digital Fortress
    JOSE MOURA DE VASCONCELOS -O Meu Pe de Laranja Lima ( Şeker Portakalı )
    JOSE MOURA DE VASCONCELOS -Vamos a Aquecer el Sol ( güneşi uyandıralım )

    hahah i am still in love with a book that i read in 6 grade... it is called "Ordinary Miracles" by stephanie s. tolan.... it is a chapter book, but i dont think that someone who is 17 should like it... but i do very much.... it is my favorite book in all the world.... i also like the book "Great Expectations" by Charles dickenson.

    War & Peace, Anna Karenina by Tolstoy

    Harry Potter

    Actually I always read books without a break,^^esceply novels(I don't want to be kept in suspense:),But a few really good books I would read very slowly and repeatedly^^
    I am reminded of some words :Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested......
    the book I read without a break which also left some lingering feelings is a a Chinese novel,穆斯林的葬礼,I wonder if there has been an English version,it once brought tons of tears to my eyes .....

    Harry Potter, Crime and punishment by Dostoevsky.

    Harry Potter
    Da Vanci Code.

    There are several......Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, The Alquemist by Paulo Coelho and in Spanish Caballo de Troya 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 by J.J. Benítez. Interesting books even to reread them.
    from michael moorcook the story of the end of time

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