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'' おかげさまで 元気です '' what is the meaning of ' おかげさまで ' .THANK U

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    As far as my knowledge おかげさまで げんきです is a very polite reply to the question おげんきですか
    This reply means that, Thanks to God's or your good wishes and blessings, I am hale, hearty and fine.

    Actually, "okagesamade" does not have particular meaning here, and it is similar to "thank you" in "I'm fine, thank you".
    You don't actually mean to thank me for your being fine when you say this, but it is polite and nice to add "thank you". The same applies to "okagesamade".

    Like Takashi said, there's no particular meaning in this context, but literally, "おかげさまで" can be taken to mean "thanks to you..."
    my japanese teacher told me that whenever someone asks:

    you should respond with:

    it seems ”おかげさまで” isn't used for anything else except for ”お元気ですか?”, and it's only used to be extra polite.

    there r diffrent saying
    doumo,arigatou gomizatou,or arigatou

    I hope the asker and other viewers who learn Japanese to acquire the correct knowledge
    of the Japanese language.
    As a native speaker of Japanese, I am afraid to say this but I disagree with the opinion that
    "Okagesamade genki desu" is a VERY POLITE reply, because we use "Okagesamade" almost everytime
    we are asked "how are you?"
    In general, "okagesamade" implies gratitude for invisible assistance of many people around a person
    that brings about a good outcome, and we do not usually refer to God here.
    We use "okagesamade" not only in the reply to "how are you?" but also in many other expressions like
    the one posted by toru.

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