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The Russian Bear Woke up from his hibernation ? Russia Vs Georgia ? or Russia VS USA

We have seen these days How the Uncle Sam ( USA ) Reacted to the Russian Intervention , Who is the one who Reacted ? Us to the Russian movements on the Georgian borders ? Or Russia to the US Missiles Shield ?
and if you think is the last one , who is next ? Czech , Poland ... ?

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    Real struggle is between two great countries and you know which. But there in Georgia is dying people and there is unbearable situation. And people are not interested against whom we are fighting or what will be next steps, strategy or something, they just want to live in peace. There live ordinary people and we want peace only.

    usa vs mankind

    Russia always wanted to have their speres of influnce . During WW2 they FORCIBLY incorpotated the 3 Baltic states into the Soviet Union, deporting 1000's of men, women & children to their deaths & torturing & killing the resistance fighters. Stalin killed MILLIONS in the Ukraine. Isn't it strange how the US is always seen as an invader & Russians as liberators?

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