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Do you find learning other languages easy or hard, or like me almost impossible.

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    well obviously it's not easy because it requires so much time and effort to fully master a language. however it is DEFINETLY not impossible as many people speak several languages fluently. whilst it can be challenging at times, I would not use the word "hard" because that makes it sound boring and laborious, whilst really it is fun :D when you enjoy languages, you learn far more efficiently.
    It is not imposible and you should not think so. If you always think that this is impossible you will never master languages.
    Try to be positive when you think to study a language, I think that every one could find difficul to study certain languages, and easy to study others, but if you "decide" before that it is impossible, it will became so.Think that speaking a foreign language means more possibilities for you (for culture, travel, work).


    Learning a language is easy if you really want to learn it. If you just learn it because you think it can be good for getting a job then its more hard for you and also boring. You have to want it really by yourself. Then its easy to learn it.

    For a beginner, it is almost like what you said ''impossible'' especially if you do not have any background. However, as you go higher, you get used to it.
    i think it's easy depending on what learning techniques you use. ^^

    To me, learning a new lugguage is difficult on the first day when you have to start with the alphabet, vowels, consonants etc... and need to have interest and concentration otherwise it's impossible

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