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How can i say "how are you" in norwegian?

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    "How are you" = "hvordan har du det?" or "hvordan går det?" or "hvordan går det med deg?"

    Singular, nominative = jeg, du = I, you
    Plural, nominative = vi, dere, de = we, you, they
    Singular, accusative = meg, deg = me, you
    Plural, accusative = oss, dere, dem = us, you, them

    Hvordan = how
    Har = have, has
    å gå = to go/ går = goes
    Det = it, neuter (den = it, masculine and feminine)
    Med = with
    Hvordan sier du ... på norsk?
    Sorry - this is correct answer - Hvordan er du ?

    kamusta ka in filipino...thats cool..

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