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will you change your life plan because of someone you love very much?

will you change your life plan because of someone you love very much?
everyone has his own aim and dream, and work hard for realize it. and someone appear, you find the fact , if you want to share the left life with her/him, you must give up your dream. which will you choose?

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    as for me there is no MUST .. i`ll thought of merging that ones into my dream/aim or at least if i have to give up parts of my dream/ aim the other side [have to] do the same ..
    so i`ll choose both my dream and my love .. mixing them together and have extra cocktail with my own flavor.. and this done by understanding each other, discussion of the smallest details of the two`s dreams/ aims.
    just be optimistic and make ur own cocktail :) .. and u can add an ornament at the top ** common dream for both **

    First I would try to find a way to be with this person and reach for my dream.
    And If there would be really no chance for it and I would heve to decide ,of course I would choose life with this person ^_^

    no, it is better to give priority profession .


    Hi,I moved [800km away] when I was 21 to be with my love & did not regret it all.

    Well, it's not an easy question but am with nana coz who ll choose me he l choose me 4 who i am & not 4 i am supposed to be!! am not speaking about the place but myself ..... but anyways i'd put my dreams in life & study num 1 !!!
    AL salam like someone use to say :-p


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