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what korean language of "god always bless u"

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    A literal translation of that phrase would be,

    신이 항상 당신을 축복하십니다.
    sini hangsang dangshineul chukbokhasimnida.


    I don't think that Korean people really likes to hear that.
    Korean people might feel uncomfortable when to be heard that kind of phrases, even if they keep that feelings in their mind, because they don't use them in daily lives but only some fanatic believers.
    There is no greeting message like that in Korea.

    What's your intention?
    In Korea, If we wanna cheer someone.
    It's just like "Good luck to you!"

    "Good luck to you" is in korean.
    "HangWoonYee ItGil BipNiDa"
    행운이 있길 빕니다.

    Thus, rani. It's better to ask like "How do you cheer your friends in Korean?" Or, give us the situation you want to say it. You can say "Fighting" or "Himneh(yo)." in general.

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