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Bahasa's Basics!!

I want to know some of the Basics of the Indonesian Bahasa like Personal pronouns , possessive pronouns , some of the most important verbs , Adjectives , Adverbs , Vocab. ,..
I will be so grateful for your help , If you have a good website for learning Indonesian plz share me.
Termah Kasih ^_^

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    personal pronouns:

    i = saya, aku
    you (sing.) = kamu (informal), Anda (formal)
    he = dia
    she = dia
    it = itu
    you (pl.) = kalian
    we = kami, kita
    they = mereka

    possessive pronouns:

    my = punya saya, milik saya
    your (sing.)= punya kamu [punyamu], milik kamu [milikmu]
    his = punya dia [punyanya], milik dia [miliknya]
    her = punya dia [punyanya], milik dia [miliknya]
    its = punya dia [punyanya], milik dia [miliknya]
    your (pl.) = punya kalian, milik kalian
    our = punya kami/kita, milik kami/kita
    their = punya mereka, milik mereka
    invite this online dictionary !!!

    indonesia spell
    and indonesia dictionary
    you can invite this site
    salam hesham,
    i just re-wrote some readings on the 'knowlede' part of this site.. (wiki things..) may be you can visit there... and looks like there're already some replies for this question here... thats good

    PS. its: TERIMA KASIH... :)

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