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talk to me about your city, country or any place which you like it ????

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    Originally, I come from TianJin . The city is just beside the Beijing of china. I came back there 4 months ago. It's about 2 years ago when I was back home last time. I found it 's really changed a lot. There are many new buildings growing up and some of them aren't finished . My city is getting clean and clean eventhough there are still some dirty places . But we can see that it's quite different than before. 'm
    Now I'm living in switzerland. It's very beautiful coutry . There are a lot of mountains which are the best places to sky. Here,we eat a lot of cheese. I like very much the cheese foudu.
    I like travelling. I've been many times France and Italie . I like Europe. I'm going to discover all the world little by little.
    I come from beijing,china, I'm fond of Paris, France and your country~

    i from beijing of china ,i like travel go anywhere!

    i come from Australia my city is Adelaide i want to go all over the world and come and visit your country thank u for asking me this question i hope you like my answer !

    HEy Im from New Zealand (small country beside Australia) .. Im going to live in madrid soon and I am in love with the city!

    I love Spain and if I have a chance to visit this country,I'll go there! But I love my country too.
    100% SERBIAN... best country SERBIA, best city BELGRADE :D

    i live in states, florida to be exact. emarald coast, near the beach is where i want to stay. our beach has sugar white sand and is the best beach i have ever went to. not many people know about it so it is uncrounded and calm.

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