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What is the diffrence between: 'me/mi & tu/te'

Please answer this question in english.


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    It's used differently:

    These are used to interpret a person, like in,
    "Yo soy un hombre" (I am a man)
    "Tu eres mi hermano" (You are my brother)
    "Ellos son altos" (They are tall)

    It's like in dutch, ik/jij/zij ...... Except that in spanish it's not obligatory, you can say,
    "soy un hombre"
    "eres mi hermano"
    "son altos"

    mi/ti/su/nuestro/vuestro/su ...,
    are used to describe something that belongs to the person, like in
    "mi hermano" (my brother)
    "su casa" (his/her house)
    "Nuestra casa" (our house)
    Like in dutch, mijn/jouw/zijn/haar/hun ....

    And then you have me/te/se/nos/os/se,
    which is used to describe an action, it goes with a verb, like in,
    "Me levanto" (I am getting up)
    "Te quiero" (I want you)
    "Te veo" (I see you)
    "Se matan" (they are killing themselves)
    "Os gusta" (he/she/it pleases them)

    "Me" could be translated as an "it" for the subject "yo" (i) it is also used as an english "me" in some cases.
    Me gusta=I like it Me enferma=It makes me sick Me duele=It hurts meTe gusta=You like it
    Le gusta=He or she likes it
    Nos gusta=We like it
    Les gusta=they like it Mí is the object for the personal pronoun "yo", like a "me" in english
    para mí=for me it can be used as a possesive too the only difference is that the possesive is stress less :mi perro=my dog
    mi casa=my house
    Tú is the personal pronoun "you", the informal one, mainly used with kids,friends and people you meet in the web, it is also used as a possesive:tu perro=your dog tu madre=your mother the object for this subject is "ti": para ti=for you.
    "Te" follows the same rule as "me" but it is used with the personal pronoun "tú"(you)
    Te gusta=You like it
    Te duele=It hurts you .

    "Me" is used when an action is hapenning on the subject I or when the subject I. "Me" reffers to I, and you can you use "yo me" or just "me" and is correct.
    ex: Me llamo.... = My name is....., Me leí un libro = I read a book, yo me quemé = I burned,
    ¿Me siento? = Do I sit down?

    "Mi" is used when you want to say that something is yours, in english you can translate with My.
    ex: Mi esposa = my wife, Mi perro = my dog.

    "Tu" is just you in english, but is used to say that something is the property of the subject you.
    ex= tu libro = your book, tus cosas= your things, tus miedos= your fears.

    "Te" is used when an action is happening on the subject you. it have the same uses that "Me".
    Ex: Te comiste(past of comer) una galleta = you ate a cookie, yo te lo dije = I told you, ¿Te sientes bien? = Do you feel ok?

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