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what are your future plans ???

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    Learn to know how to live seems isnt a plan for the future. anyway, my most important destination for the future is learning how to love and distingusih bad guy from good ones~ I think this ....
    For the life itself. Filled with pain~ though being with few happiness moments ...
    maybe I am someone pessimist ....
    I think I should keep a phrase---Take it easy --- maybe my life will become easy ...

    well,my future plans are simple..i just want my family to keep fit and i will do my best to make them live a better life ^^ what's more,i wish everything goes well in my country ...

    oh,next summer I will go to Germany for work training and I am planning to go to usa for a master degree in 2010.

    First of all I would like to find a job in unite nations or a private bank in Switzerland. I'm trying to do that now. I will do my effort to get a better future. In another hand I think the familly is very important. I'll spend more time with my familly. I love to travel and I hope I will make more friends in the world.

    The biggest dream in my life now is to travel to European country to study,work and live there. But untill now i have no plans to achive that :)
    my future plans are to make Iraq a safer and better place by getting rid of all the terrorists

    to become an archeologist and travel the world from one exploration to the next :P

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