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how do i learn about turkish pronunciation?any site with sound, maybe?thanks.

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    Sort by: join there..and learn english(cause it hasnt türkish language for learn) some türkish friends write them and say them...maybe it may help you ;)

    hi!! you can access you tube with this site: you'll see "begin browsing" button.. and you can write there "türkiye belgesel" and ıf you click the first video,, I hope you'll find the thing you search for:) there you will both hear turkis pronunciation and know turkey.. good bye:)
    here u go ^^ :

    i hope that will help
    n also pronunciation of turkish is similar to pronuncation of german, or romanji way of japanese.. that means every letter has it own and only sound that doesnt change (different from english)

    n this site has also audio (sound)

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