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hindi**** what must i learn first??? i dont know hw to start to leanr hindi!!! what should i study first?

For learning: Hindi
Base language: English
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    Hello Namaste,
    Start with learning Greetings. Slowly and steadily follow Devnagari. Try to make few simple words. Step 4 - make very short sentences. Follow grammar pattern. Use of tenses. Simultaneously go for Voice chatting. Practise talking to a friend in Hindi. Of course u can always use Base language as English.
    Wish u best of luck.
    u should learn vowels and consonants in hindi first.

    hey in my view first u should get a good language partner.then if u can ..get some hindi films and watch any one can get atleast something from it.i am saying the most practical way .first u should understand hindi names ,after that u can come to scripts..the choice will be different for different people.any time u can ask me..

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