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should i learn chinese (mandarin) or japanese ?

I have decided I would really like to visit both countries one day but would like to know a little bit of the language.
Which one do you believe is more useful ?
also which ones are easier to learn and have more resources available for me to learn with ?
honesty is appreciated !

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    You want honesty. I am currently studying Chinese. I have never studied Japanese but I have looked at some japanese characters and from my knowledge of Chinese I can guess some of the meanings. But study what you feeling like studying. Studying a language is hard. no matter what one it is. Good luck

    choose the one you are interested , the country,culture and so on

    but if you would like to learn Chinese, maybe I can give you one hand :)
    both are very good ! I can also help you with Chinese

    i think chinese is useful
    china is the next 1st power in the world
    and there are about 2 billion people speak this language all over the world

    Honestly ,Chinese is more difficult than Japanese,but more useful.

    Chinese is beautiful,chinese people are wonderful,Chinese culture is wonderful...what's more...people in china can speak english better than those in japan

    you should learn Japanese,because when you visit China people here are able to speak English which you can understand easily. And Chinese people are very friendly.
    when you go to Japan you would be confused by there English pronounciation, so you have to learn some Japanese

    I suggest you lean Chinese !

    haha ~ if you would visit japan i recommend you to learn some japanese~
    in china there is thousand of people can speak english fruently and clearly~
    but i dont think there is a lot of japanese can do that~
    because i cant understand japanese's acient~

    cody!you got it !

    Either way you're surely gonna tormented by the dreadful characters, which we call FangKuaiZi in Mandarin or Kanji in Japanese. However, Japanese language system consists of some kind of syllable system, which is much easier since you can learn the rudiments through... err... "Lego-style", as long as you could figure out all the puzzle pieces. Lego-puzzle-Mandarin? No way. :P

    学了中文你可以看懂 部分日文

    why you all think japanese can't understand English?
    as a chinese i think chinese is better. It's true that if you can read chinese then you can read a part of japaneseas well . i don't know if the japanese feel the same way.But i can tell you japanese has 30% chinese words.

    You can't say which language is useful. It depands on how much do you like it. To be honest, people who speak Chinese is more than those who speak Janpanese. But if you like Janpanese cartoon, you'd better learn Janpanese. I suggest that you learn more about the culture about both countries and decide which to learn or you can learn them together even though that's too hard.

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