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what does desu mean?

You no how anime chars say desu, what does it mean when they say it at the end of a sentence?

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    I means "to be".

    E.g. Yukiro desu = I am Yukiro (My name is Yukiro)
    Genki desu. = I am fine.

    "Desu," is often translated as, "to be," but it can also be used to make a sentence polite if there is nothing else (as in a verb form) to express politeness. I've heard that it can be used to replace a verb when it's obvious but I haven't seen this usage.

    I'll give you an example for the second thing, since the 1st was given by Juliana and I don't know much about the third.

    (Watashi wa) ginkou e ikimasu. (私は)銀行へ行きます。 I go to the bank. Using the "-masu" form makes this polite.
    (Watashi wa) ginkyou e ikitai desu.(私は)銀行へ行きたいです。 I want to go to the bank. There is no polite form when using "-tai," so you need to use "desu," to make your speech polite.

    Also, I think to make it even more polite when talking about 'wish to' '-tai' form, you can use

    '-tai'n desu' as in... 'ginkou e ikitai'n desu'

    there's also the 'ga' ending for the last example, which i think means something along the lines of 'i'd like to... [if it isn't too much trouble]'

    ginkou e ikitai'n desu ga

    hope this helps :)

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