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Knocked Up-A great movie that makes me think

I have watched Knocked Up yesterday. Though it has been rated as R level movie, I think it is truly a great movie that makes people think.
Two young people from totally different background would finally become a great family with care and love.

Have you watched this movie and want to share some thoughts?

And what will you say to your best friend if she gets pregnant after one night stand with a seemingly Mr. Wrong?

A. Have an abortion
B. Keep the baby and marry this guy if he is willing to change
C. Others, please specify.

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    I would rather say something closer to the second option. Okay go for A. Who knows what a ideal husband will be after 30 years marriage? So no matter what, it is like gambling. We will not know who will win the game.

    I'd say why didn't you use some contraception? Then it depends on what support she'd have if she wanted to keep the baby. A woman never recovers emotionally from losing/aborting a baby.

    I will never agree on abortion. The baby is innocent. Even you don't want the baby, you still can bring the baby to the world and let othes who love the baby take care of him or her.

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