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can u all translate me "I love u" in many languages?

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    Amanda no koto ga metcha sukkyanen!
    - in Osaka accent (Japanese)

    "Aishite iruyo" or "Suki dayo" (Japanese - Friendly expression)
    "Aishite imasu" or "Suki desu" (Japanese - Polite expression)
    "Aishiteru" or "Sukida" (Japanese - Boyish expression)

    I love you in Portuguese is: Eu te amo.

    I Love you in Indonesia : Aku cinta Kamu

    Ngai oi ngi (Hakka)
    Gua ai li (Xiamen)
    Wa ai lu (Penang Hokkien)
    I lup you (Penang pasar English)...
    I LOVE YOU +)

    "I love you in Turkish" => Seni Seviyorum.. :-)
    in chinese is wo ai ni (我爱你)

    in thai is chan rak tur
    in norwegian : Jeg elsker deg

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