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how do you say 'hello' in Arabic?

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    There are many ways to Say Greeting like '' Hello '' In Arabic :
    The Most better and Muslims use it ''Assalamu' alikum '' It mean '' Peace be upon you'' , Its answer '' Walkikum Assalam warhamutu Allah ,.. '' And same Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon you ''
    Another one is familiar '' Marhaba '' ,..

    i don't speak arabic, but i have some arabic friends, and they often say "hello" -"salam alaikum", or "salam", i hope it's right answer

    Hillo in arabi same هلو
    and u can say Salam Alykom = سلام عليكم
    it's the greeting we use
    thank you
    or.......aslam alikoum
    i wish you get what do you want

    in arabic : Marhaba = مرحبا

    We say in Arabic " Al salam Alikum" , Marhaba or Ahlan !!!!!!!! Our language is so senstive and beautiful that we begin our greating with the word "Al salam Alikum" which means" Peace be upon you".We are
    peaceful people in spite of all their accusations that we are terrorists !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hello: .salam سلام or el salam alaykom السلام عليكم

    hey,we can say:
    or we can say:
    salam alaykom=hello
    the two are right.i 'm sure.

    you can say ahllan wasahlan=hello

    hi ...Vivien

    How arer you ?
    hello: salam alaykom or marhaba

    Beautiful girl ...Vivien ...ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmb. hahahahaha

    'hello' means in arabic marhaba =مرحبا )كيف الحال )


    i dont no

    the synonym of word (hello) don't existe in arabic language ,but there is a mean for it like welcom , hi ,.his pronoun is ( marhaba) or (ahlan) ......think you

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