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what is your hobby ?

A hobby is a spare-time recreational pursuit.
what is your hobby ? do you do all your hobbies ? if not ..why ?

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    " READING " ...
    shopping , cooking , playing chess with my brother , playing Snake and the Ladder with my female friends, rope jumping , dancing , pillows war :) , gardening ... :D

    First thanks for sharing me this question. I'm interested in reading different kinds of books, novels, magazines and newspapers.Sometimes I don't find time to read more. Playing ping pong is my mania. I become addicted to internet like many others so we can't call it as a hobby, net infection will be more suitable.

    Learning languages, drawing, translating, making subtitles to videos, chatting.

    reading, movies :) what is yours?

    shopping, getting my hair done, getting my nails done, hangin with my peeps, and stuff like that.

    learning languages,meeting new people from all around the world,reading,thinking,watching movies,travelling,playing with animals:)

    Question beautiful, my friend
    my hobbies are many and somewhat crazy
    I love reading books on the variety and care more scientific books
    Consider myself a moth inside books
    Love of travel and swimming
    I love painting
    and the line and shopping
    I love handicrafts and decor
    I do not forget addict on the Web
    also loved riding horses and raising pets
    I like to ride a balloon and Albrashwt and had his knee twice in Malaysia

    I go to the gym & belly dancing classes.

    I tend to read and think alot, and feel satisfied with that. : )

    singing, watching, reading

    I want to play go(weiqi) game anytime, anyone like it too?

    i think i have many........i love reading especially novel no matter what genre it is as long the story interested me...i also like listening to music..i often got scold by my mom when she caught me studying while listening to mp3...i also enjoy eating my favourite chocolate, collect perfume , drawing n also playing badminton...n not forget girl still a girl - absolutely shopping!..
    thank you for sharing Question with me.. i like reading too much,, walking,, listen to music,, shopping,,

    must be BASKETBALL, it makes me happy.
    but im also into drawing, movies, and.. non-stop MUSICS! (^_^)v

    my hobbies are : read , handcrafts, music,exercice sport.and yours ?

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