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What are the frequent embarassing or annoying questions you are used to receive from italki Members ?

What are the frequent embarrassing or annoying questions you are used to receive from Italki Members?
questions like :your age ?your Msn ? Where are you from ? ....etc.

If you had some funny situations please share them with us ;-)

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    I dont' like when we just hello and you ask me for my real name and my msn, its annoying. I say lets get to know each other first then see if its worth speaking more. Also, I told this guy about my family and he said I was a liar and shouldn't lie. How does he know I am lying and most importantly, why would I lie. This is the internet, we gather here for a reason. I rather not get personal until I am comfortable. I

    They ask you something squalidly as a joking(In fact,it's not funny at all) and usually they are nudnik .

    Thanks for invitation, but i'm afraid i'll be letting you down. To tell the truth, I have by far never received, frequently, any questions from any italki members, not to mention embarrassing or annoying ones. However, i did felt annoyed once by political questions about Tibet, China. I hate it when someone talks politics without enough knowledge and justice.
    Ah wait! It suddenly came to my mind that the most frequent Q i got from others is "Hello! What's up?" which i don't find embarrassing or annoying at all. ^_^

    Hi frnd,besides asking so many personal questions many of the guys starts flirting here like other chat rooms.I don't understand why men try to become so personal without any reason.Moreover i hate being kissed here without knowing eachother.ITs all annoying more than embarassing.We are here for studying not for getting involved.

    Hey itlktiv nice Q !.....4 me the funniest Q is when they ask me if i'm married or not ! lol it's clairly writen in my profile 17 y.o & single !! someone told me: can i ask u a Q? r u married? (after answering) he said: can i ask u again? r u married??? ... or look @ this Q: u hav a nice name (Wanna_learn) what does it mean ???=>they reffer to pseudo not to my real one !! ... i think it's funny too when i recieved an invitation & th writer told me: hey; u answered my question in this link i didn't ask u 2 !! nice answer but plz don't next time, deal? i was expecting(x) not u?????
    4 the embarrasing Q when people ask me about my family name & where i live exactly! why? to take a look at my location in google earth? or when they ask me: did u admire some member here?plzzz tell me!!! ... 4 the most ennoying Q: hello Wanna send me ur photo & add me in ur msn !! (do i know u? i don't send my photo to anyone!!) .. thnx god i don't use a webcam or a mic!! thts y i chat with freinds only !! ... P.S: u didn't told us about ur personnal experience here itlktiv !!

    the most annoying is when they ask me my skype, msn and google talk adress and it is on my italki page.... man that is nuts! look on my page man, look on my page.
    most embarressing? i dont think that any question is embarressing
    most frequent is can i have your msn?

    Frankly speaking , the basic questions for instance the name, age ... are important it's do only way to socialise.How can u know those information about him/her if they didn't introtuce themself to each other ? U may write in a sentence those informations and send it to him/her then he or she will respond by the same way , at that time nothing will be annoying.In other hand some of them put u in a tight situations by asking a private questions " Are u in love with some1? " " Why don't try to be in love again? "
    ill tell u about my last chat it was somewhat funny : G = guy & me
    G-may i see ur photo?
    me- ok
    G- How beauty are u !!
    G- Are u sure that is ur photo?
    me- yep
    G- can u use the webcam !! it will be better
    me- By the way i don't use neither the webcam nor the microphone clear?
    G- how can i ensure if im talking with a guy or a girl?
    me- u r not forced to believe on me
    G- i don't trust anyone , im like that ok?
    me- well , find ur way out.
    G- ok good night
    G- bye
    G- "offline"

    oh and i think that it is funny when guys flirt because i know they are only doing it cause i am american and they want a green card... i dont tell them my adress cause it is none of their bussiness but i do think that it is funny. i dont mind using a mic but i dont want to use a web cam cause it gets personal then... another annoying thing is it says on my page that i cant talk using italki chat but they do it anyway

    the most annoying thing is you r busy and they want to talk

    I agree that questions about your marital status & wanting private details are most annoying. At 55 I am absolutely stunned that I am getting marriage proposals from guys, obviously wanting to migrate to Australia.

    hahaha, awesome question. Well there are several questions fighting for the "annoying question of the year" award, but probably the one that makes me go UGH! is when someone asks "ASL?" i'm like "wtf? this isn't or stuff" so i immediatly close the window, i mean come on people, this place wasn't created with the mere purpose of flirting... haha, i remember this girl who got really mad when i refused to give her my asl, but in the end i couldn't stop laughing 'cause if she would've taken the trouble to read my profile she would've found out the answer to her question.
    The most one is that "can u show me your pic" and than told that "i dont trust you,it isnt your." . That is not imposible but if u wouldnt believe me,dont ask for my pic. The other one is that "can you be my girlfriend?" it is laughable because you dont know who you speak at msn or chating.So these are annoyer for me. Thanks for question Itlktiv :)).

    Questions of fact stranger and naive is not embarrassing but dirty
    There stands a very nice addition to the previously mentioned brothers in the answers
    I did not mention any of the other site chosen .....
    There was a person who insists on asking any of you another world
    Had a duty to his questions alien ????????????
    Send a letter wants to know global
    I'd like to tell him ............ From the world of Mars
    But I did not want you just Laugh

    To my relief, as yet, none of the annoying questions have I ever received from italki members.

    like ,my msn ,skypee ,mobile phone num,.tel num.what type of guys i like?
    embarassing:do u like sex?hv u make sex b4?etc

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