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Hi guys, what do you think about Indonesia and Indonesian people?

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    indonesia is my beautiful country..
    we may have problems..
    but every country must have a problem..
    we have good ppl n bad other countries..
    indonesia is a beautiful country with so many beautiful places u can visit..
    its not the best country in the world..
    but if u ever been here..
    u will miss it..somehow..
    esp. the food.. :p

    it may sounds objective since im an indonesian..
    but it will be nice to have u here n u can prove it by urself..

    For me, Indonesia is a nice country although too many problem is being faced by them now...
    The people, actually is just similar with other countries, some people are good while some are not as good as the rests...

    Firstly Assalamu' alikum ,
    I really haven't been to Indonesia before to judge it , but I have many friends from there from manywhere'' East, west Java , Surabaya , Jakarta , Bandung ,..
    I found the Kind , simple , who is so liberal and do like the western world and take the Islam off Although he/she is Muslim he/she didn't try to be a Muslim or live the Christians,.. And find the Religious who try his best to learn more about his /her Religion , Arabic Language ,... And many and many ,..
    So Its not fair to judge People in this way , in every place there is who is Good , and ugly , the righteous , and who Isn't .
    But most of them truthly found Kind , Simple , funny ,welcome people , and really good people .
    About the Land :
    I really haven't been to there before , but I saw many photoes , and heard more about its beauty
    It has so beautiful landescape which Islands , Archabael , Bali ,...
    And its the Largest Islamic country in the world .
    So unique country , and kind people , hope All the best to Indonesia and its People
    Termah Kasih ^_^
    Indonesia is nice country. There are some nice places for vacation and the people are nice people. although, some of them are bad.
    Indonesia is beautiful country.

    Indonesia, I haven't been here before.
    But I do have some impression anyway, if it's not true, please don't mind, and please tell me the truth. It's a tropical island country, very beautiful and a perfect place to spend holidays.
    However, we feel there are too many people and has politcal problems and a bit of troublous... but it is too hard to say what kind of people they are.


    you see, I know little about the question you asked, so I can't answer it.

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