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狗日的 - what does it mean?

Hey guys

I heard that 狗日的 is swearing...but wot does it actually mean?
Level of rudeness? More like "fuck!" or "damn it!"?
Japan reference?


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    日/操 both mean 'fuck'
    狗日的/狗娘养的 both mean 'son of a bitch'
    Very very dirty words!

    More like "fuck!"
    Level of rudeness,like "son of bitch "

    In World War II, Chinese people abusiveed the Japanese army used this, until now! hehe

    as "fuck you mother"... oh god ,i not will say this word,haha

    dog fucker~~日is the verb "fuck",not about the japanee

    son of a bitch


    it has nothing to do with Janpanese.
    it means to have sex with a dog. but use this phrase carefully ! it can make you in trouble when you say it to a man.because that's a badly, badly dirty words!

    maybe, mother sucker,i learned it from an american. we once talked about cursing words in different cultures```

    a tiny mistake, maybe mother fucker````i guess

    haha its interesting here

    类似"son of a bitch",意思基本上是"son of a dog",反正不是什么好话~呵呵

    “日”本来是指太阳,但在“狗日的”里,日 = Fuck 。特殊用法,呵呵

    Japan is mentioned, but who can say that is a pure concidence. lol
    dirty words
    and dont repeat it anymore


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