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What does this expression mean if it has a meaning beyond its literal translation? Not sure if I am reading it right. There is no reference to it in the dictionary. I presume it is something to do with financial ruin.

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    They all got it...I use this when I want to explain that someone has no money and will find it hard to live, for e.g.

    too poor ,have no money,
    so have no money to buy food. just eat "西北风",haha.for free.

    hi,boy,are you chinse?or not?
    your thought is right,it means somebody is so poor that have nothing to eat or drink but the bise.

    Suffering hunger and cold, having nothing to maintain a living. (drinking bise)

    too poor? not all right. why he is poor? Always because of his laziness.
    Centainly, It is used to describe peoples who are living in penury.
    but that is always exaggerated.

    Congratulations! You have the right sense about the expression.
    1、This expression means beyond its literal translation.
    2、It is something to do with financial ruin.

    Imagine, when a person can't afford to buy any food, only what to do is just to eat sth for free.
    So, if the wind can function as food, it would be a good choice.

    that means you have nothing to eat expect the wind. Haha~

    it's an idiom in Chinese. no money, no food, except the wind.



    when you ask your parents ,why must we make money?your parents maybe answer that if we donot make money 那去喝西北风啊

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