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just heard this sentence: 你吃了午饭了吗?

I just heard this sentence: 你吃了午饭了吗?
So I wonder if the following sentence is possible: 你吃午饭了吗?

If the latter is possible, then what would be the difference between the two?
(I guess there may be not much (yes? no?), but I'd still like to know if there is some difference)

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    They are the same
    The structure of Chinese language is not as strict as English.The first '了' means nothing here.

    Mainland China:你吃过午饭了吗?(correct)

    all are right!there is not any difference between mainland and taiwan
    actually there is no different bewteen there two sentence~~they are the same~

    你吃了午饭了吗? this sentence sounds a little strange for native Mandarin speakers.

    你吃过午饭了吗? this one would be better, I think. No double “了”。So, 过 is better.

    In Cantonese, people say that [你食咗晏昼未]?, but you can't pronounce it according to Mandarin pronunciation.

    Both are OK. Chinese grammar is not so strict as that of English. i can even say "午饭你吃了吗" or "午饭吃过了没" or "你吃午饭没". doesn't matter....

    I don't think there's much difference between them,but I prefer the latter.

    but 过 is used as a ”HAVE YOU EVER BEFORE..“ past concept for example

    你看过这本书吗? Have you EVER read this book?
    你看这本书了吗?Have you read this book?

    so when I see that sentence 你吃过午饭了吗? I think it means "Have you every eaten lunch before?"
    so does the 了 modify the 过?what is going on?
    you could use"吃过午饭了?" or "中午吃过啦?"
    'cause in oral Chinese, the subject is usually omitted. and "了" indicates the perfect tense.

    all are correct.午饭吃过了吗?=午饭吃了没有?=午饭有没有吃了? they are all the same.
    I think you are right. the sentence '你吃了午饭了吗?' is very stranger.
    It should be "你吃(过)午饭了吗?" or "你吃过午饭吗?".

    no difference in meaning, i can only say
    你吃了午饭了吗? is more like 'have you eaten?'
    and 你吃午饭了吗? is more like 'did you eat?'
    but we say 你吃过午饭了吗? more often

    both of them are right

    No differences.
    It's just the problem of rythm. And it's up to one's preference.
    Chinese just doesn't have a strict structure.

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