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Why do you study a foreign language?

What reasons do you have for studying a foreign language? What is your motivation for studying a language?

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    you need to study other or foreign language because if you meet a foreigner you can understand thier language...

    1,applying for a good job in future。
    2,personal interests in languages。
    3,having a foreign girl (boy) friend。

    BTW, my individual answer is 2。

    I would like to live in Italy for a short period of time, so it's a good idea to learn Italian.

    Word needed.


    Actually before, all students in junior high need to learn English. And that is how I get started. And later on, I found that learning English helped to understand people and cultures of other countries. And I pretty much enjoyed all those.

    At the third year of my college study, I started learning Japanese cause it was the second foreign language we must learn. Japanese is fun and also there is some similarities with Chinese. I enjoy Japanese movies and music as well.

    Generally speaking, learning a foreign language is fun and useful.

    can talk to more people...can learn some intersting culture...can know different people......can make life colorful..

    To know the culture better

    language is a tool


    Hi, all. The following are what Toffler have received from her friends. Because she can not reply to her own question, I helped her with posting those answers and sharing them with you all. Thank you for answering Toffler's question


    Thanks for sharing a important question with me, i think we learn foreign languages because of our interest in different culture, civalizations and we want to know different people and their life style. As you know that travelling is my passion because i m also want to explore the world and different culture, so i always try to travel different countries. Maybe you will not agree with my opinion but i think i m interested of these reason.



    thanks for sharing me this Q ,and for me i think languages is very imprtant to make people contact and understand each other, i am one of those who r fond of knowing more about peolpe's lifestyle and thier way of thinking and habbits also i hope one day i can complete my study in foriegn country and languages will help,,


    M i k e

    now ,i am young with studying ,it can keep me occupied everyday , my job is in the hospital , more and more foreigner come to china from every country , i would know a lot knowlege from them ,finally i am single ,it is nothing to do in my spare time ,so i like english , throng it ,i can make friends from every where


    Sandy Gao

    Because of my job,I always meet many people they speak English.Also I 'm interested in studying language. It's easy to know cultre through leaning language.

    first , I can communicate with foreigners in order to extra my sight and learn the different cultures.
    then, when I master another language , it benefit to my work, mybe I can obtain the promotion with my perfect works.

    As student i had to study English before,but now just for interest

    I would like to study foreign language so that I can communicate with anyone around the world

    Maybe,There is no reason.I knew english since i have studied.

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    To learn it, i can know more about the world. i think the different countries have different cultures.some of them are very interesting


    smart kite

    to become a knowledgebale the world.



    thank u for ur question . i 'd like to know more about the world and make different kinds of friends and enjoy various culture . as life is colouful languages has their own mysterious things . u can find urself in a different point of view when u get in touch with more and more different ideas

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