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Un piccolo aiuto, grazie :) Thanks for your help!

I already know some of 'em thanks to my teachers: Ana, Aura, Cristina, GRAZIE, multumesc! But maybe can be useful for someone else!
Need help with italian? simply ask!

Hi! (informal/formal)
How are you? (inf./form.)
and you?
How can i say xxyyzz?
Good Morning
Good Day
What's your name? (informal/formal)
My name is ....
I Am ...
You're Welcome
Do you speak italian or english?(inf./form.)
I don't understand!
How much does it cost?
see you later
See you!
see you soon
Good evening
sleep well!
welcome back!
I like you!
of course!
You're kind
You're a beautiful girl!
I want a cold beer
It's been a pleasure to meet you!
You have beautiful eyes!
Your city is beautiful
That's ok!
chin-chin!/cheers!/ your health!(inf./form.)
is there something typical that i can eat?
can you suggest me what to see in .....?
I don't wanna go away!!!!
W la Romania!! I love Romania!

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    Hi- Buna
    how are you?- ce mai faci?/ce faci?
    fine- bine
    and you?- dar tu?
    how can i say....?- cum se spune (la)....?
    my name is- numele meu este (formal) sunt ...(informal)
    good morning- buna dimineata
    good day- buna ziua
    what is your name- cum te cheama(informal)- cum va numiti?(formal)
    my name is...- numele meu este....(eu sunt.... informal)
    thanks- multumesc
    you're welcome- cu placere
    please- va rog (formal) te rog (informal)
    sorry/pardon- scuze, pardon
    do you speak italian or english?- vorbiti italiana sau engleza?
    i dont understand- nu inteleg
    how much does it cost- cat costa?
    see you later- ne vedem mai tarziu
    see you- la revedere
    see you soon- ne vedem curand
    good evening- buna seara
    good night- noapte buna
    sleep well- somn usor
    welcome- bine ai're welcome- cu placere
    welcome back- bine ai revenit
    i like you- imi placi/imi place de tine
    yes- da
    no- nu
    maybe- poate/probabil
    ofcourse- sigur/desigur
    you're kind- sunteti amabil/amabila
    you're a beautiful girl- esti o fata frumoasa
    i want a cold beer- vreau o bere rece
    very- foarte
    it;s been a pleasure meeting you- mi-a parut bine de cunostinta
    you have beautiful eyes- ai ochi frumosi
    your city is beautiful- orasul tau e frumos
    ok- ok/bine
    that's ok- e (este) ok...e in regula
    chin chin, cheers, your health- noroc/multi ani/sa traiesti
    is there something typical that i can eat- pot manca ceva specific romanesc/tipic romanesc?
    can you suggest me what to see in...?/what do you suggest?- ce imi recomanzi sa vad la....?/ ce imi sugerezi/ ce imi recomanzi?
    i dont wanna go away- nu vreau sa plec
    i live Romania- iubesc Romania
    i like Romania- imi place Romania

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